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Below you will find the table of contents for the white paper

Typical companies that can benefit from reading the white paper

ISPs, Telcos, Insurance Companies, Banks and any other large B2C organizations.
Typically ISPs and Telcos offer online backup services in connection to their other customer offers. At the same time Insurance Companies, Banks and other large B2C organizations are realising more and more the value of offering online backup to their customer both as an added revenue and also as a way off attracting both younger customers and in retaining existing customers longer.
Customer Sizes
Branded Online Backup can effectively be offered by Companies with 500 customers to over 100,000 customers.
Benefits from offering Branded Online Backup
Reduced Churn
Given the cost of customer acquisition, all measures to reduce customer turnover can have a huge impact on the bottom line. Our OEM online backup customers, find that their customer churn is significantly lower with their customers that use online backup, than those that do not.
Increased Revenue (ARPU)
Adding an extra complementary service with positive cash flow to their offering can really add to the average revenue per user (ARPU). By choosing a Online backup supplier that can help manage and scale cost with the customer base, the risks are minimal for the OEM.
Continuous Brand Exposure
You own the service and customer experience, with your logo and colors, the consumer will be exposed to them on a daily basis, giving you the presence that can otherwise be hard to achieve. Each time the customer logs on to his computer he will be reminded of your Brand.
Table of Contents from White Paper

Typical companies offering backup

ISPs, Telcos, Insurance Companies, Banks and any other large B2C organizations.

Customer Sizes

Benefits from offering Branded Online Backup

Reduced Churn

Increased Revenue (ARPU)

Continuous Brand Exposure

Being Competitive  - What End Users Value Most

Local Support & Presence

Fast and Easy Usage

In-house or Outsourced Hosting

Why Outsourced?

Why In-house?

Basic needs for in-house hosting.

Effective Integration of Online Backup with your existing offer and infrastructure


Your Homepage Web address

Web based Customer Support

API Integration with Billing

Marketing Campaign Management and Analysis


Backup Primer

Complete Backup

Incremental Backup

File Level Backup

Block Level Backup

Backup File History = Extra security level

De-duplication of files at point of origin = Extra efficiency

User System Description - Backup Client



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