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About Kabooza!
Kabooza is Borne of a Need
Backup is essential in today’s digital world. Our latest global research confirms that there are truly billions of computer users that don’t have backup. It is often said that computer users today live in the Digital Dark Ages. This is something that we have made it our mission to protect our customers from.

Kaboozas OEM Backup solutions

If you are looking for information on Kaboozas OEM Backup solutions for Branden Online Backup you can find it here

Who We Are

The Company was founded in 2006 under the SSE Business Lab with people from Stockholm School of Economics and KTH - Royal Institute of Technology and other universities which have cutting edge web development people where we have picked the best we could find from security technology and thoughtful customer support experiences. In December 2008, Aggregate Stockholm AB, signed an agreement [see press release] with Kabooza to invest in the launch on the Swedish Market. We have a global focus and we will keep expanding our presence in more markets in the future.
Kaboozas team and partners focus on the user's needs
Kabooza develops its backup solutions in close cooperation with its customers. With our in-house development team and partners we can quickly and easily add new capabilities and make our solutions easier to use on a continuing basis. If you have a question or suggestions please mail us at 

Where are we located? Sweden, England & USA
Head Office is on Kungsgatan 48, Stockholm, Sweden. We have secure server storage in London, England and San Francisco, USA and of course in Stockholm.

We can always be reached on We aim to answer all our support questions within 30 minutes during office hours. 
What are our guiding principles?

Kabooza’s three stability pillars:

From day one Kabooza’s team settled on 3 key pillars as the basis of strategy in a competitive market. These principles are held dearly by the management.

1. Technical pillar – multiple secure copies

a. Both Kabooza and you have copies of your files. You are always safe and secure that you can opt to stop using Kabooza at any time. But should something happen to your copies then you have the best insurance in the world. You get them all back with Kaboozas automatic restore wizard! In-house development and testing and market leading partners guarantee safety for your data.

2. Financial pillar

a. We have devoted ourselves to balanced growth. Our strenght lies in our customers satisfaction. That is why we don’t offer free accounts!

b. We have minimal fixed costs so we can pass the savings on to our customers.

c. We offer a 100 day full money back guarantee. That’s how sure we are you will be happy with the service

3. User pillar – ease of use

a. We aim to be the easiest to use. Our users stay with us for the long run.

b. We aim for fast customer service.

c. We stick to the extremely high user privacy requirements of the Swedish government, even as we are a global company. Your files are always safe. Only you have the right to them.

Kabooza in the News

English Press

Awarded 5/5 stars by 


Swedish Press

Vi är alla backup-uslingar

Global undersökning av Kabooza pekar på slarv med backup  

Svenskar är riktigt usla på att ta backup 

Svenskarna dåliga på att ta backup på sina datorer


Swedish TV 

Nyhetsmorgon måndag 9 mars med JENNY ÖSTERGREN & ANDERS KRAFT  

kl 7.45 Svenskarna är dåliga på att göra backup på sina datorer. Finns det risk för att vår historia  Video (7:13min) 



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